Happy Energy!
Date of publication: 22.12.2014
Dear colleagues, partners! We congratulate you on your professional holiday - Day of energy! Energy is considered to be the core sector of the economy, and your successful work - is a significant contribution to the development and prosperity of our country. On the day of our professional... >>
The construction of the building panels RZA
Date of publication: 20.12.2014
The construction of the building panels RZA within the project "Construction of two 110 kV cells for the connection of 110 kV Biyskaya CHP-1 - 110 kV Substation Turquoise Katun to switchgear - 110 kV Biysk CHP-1. >>
Date of publication: 20.11.2014
Made low-voltage panels SCHO 70 and 393 cell CSR to run the transformer substation that supplies power production base with an office building and garage array on the street. Serernaya Krasnoyarsk. >>
Date of publication: 29.10.2014
Shields made of unilateral service (SCHO-70) for the connection of fire pumps sawmill in Kodinsk. >>
The construction of the GTC "White Dew"
Date of publication: 14.10.2014
The construction of turnkey substation control building (Substation Control Center) for the needs of the residential complex "White Dew" ... >>
ETC for 7 md. housing estate "North"
Date of publication: 20.09.2014
Manufactured equipment and its installation is made for ETC (package transformer substation industrial-type indoor installation) 7 md. housing estate "North". >>
Date of publication: 02.09.2014
Constructed and assembled on-site base "Sibneft" Two-transformer substation capacity 2x1000 kVA 10 / 0.4 kV. Insulated substation enclosure is made of panels such as "sandwich" a thickness of 100 mm. >>
Date of publication: 29.08.2014
For the needs of the poultry farm "Krasnoyarsk" Open Society "Siberian province" were made package transformer substation (KTP) and point of commercial electricity metering (PKU). >>
Date of publication: 15.07.2014
Made complex package transformer substations (kiosk, mast, pole mounted) for power supply of residential areas of the village Mayma Altai Republic. >>
Date of publication: 01.07.2014
Made interactive exhibition stands. Stands are equipped with TV, coffee table and machines for cleaning shoes. >>
Manufacturing multifaceted lighting masts
Date of publication: 01.07.2014
Made multifaceted lighting masts (16m) for lighting industrial facility in Krasnoyarsk ... >>
Certificate of Compliance for modular buildings
Date of publication: 11.06.2014
"Plant metal structures Siberia" extended certificate of conformity for modular, frame-panel, prefabricated, multi-functional building. The certificate is valid on 06.09.2017 year. >>