Replenishment fleet

Replenishment fleet

Krasnoyarsk metal factory "ZMK Siberia" has expanded its fleet - has acquired the ownership of two cars:

1. UAZ Hunter - is a classic military style with a modern twist. Currently, the combination of strong Russian character and penetrating power with comfort and care of passengers.

The main advantages of the car:

  • economic engine
  • comfortable lounge
  • upgraded suspension
  • New powertrain
  • Capacity and load capacity

2. UAZ 3909 - is a special cargo-wheel drive car with 3 side single door and double door tailgate.

The main plus of the car - versatility: it can simultaneously "coexist" driver, 6 passengers and 450 kg of cargo in an insulated compartment (passenger compartment separated by a partition with a window). Table in the cabin, heater greater heating capacity, and other design innovations make UAZ 3909 is not only a reliable assistant in the work, but also an indispensable companion at departures on hunting, fishing and just nature.

The cosiness, comfort, versatility and vseprohodimost - all of these seemingly incompatible features are reflected in the "farmer" UAZ 3909.